How Does It Work? Design Function Strength Production Applications


The magic of the HELPING HANDLE™ lies in its
simplicity. Created by a team of award-winning
designers this handy device is made out of die-cut
cardboard and is engineered to carry considerable
weight with comfort. Both sides are coated using a
high quality 4-colour printing process.

2-PLY CONSTRUCTION – Gives the HELPING HANDLE™ strength without added weight

LOCKED OPENING – Makes it simple to open, slide
bags in and closes firmly in place to keep everything where you want it, and deters theft

CONTOURED FINGERED GROOVES – Distributes the weight of the bags evenly across your hand

SLOPED CRADLE – Pulls bags to the centre of gravity for maximum visibility of branding zones

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND – Feel good about using a HELPING HANDLE™. Made out of 100% recycled materials, they’re 100% reusable as well as recyclable and are produced under the approved certification of the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada.