Mobile Endorsements Co-Branding Build Stronger Customer Relationships Increase Sales


The HELPING HANDLE™ is an essential shopping companion for consumers – and it’s essential for advertising too. By placing your brand on the HELPING HANDLE™ customers will take your messaging from your store to their homes and everywhere in between. And because it’s reusable, it will reappear again and again, extending the life of this exceptionally smart media buy.

Now your brand goes where your customers go.
Even through the doors of your competition with your messaging firmly in hand. Imagine a mall circulating with thousands of reminders to visit your store.

The HELPING HANDLE™ is also a conversation starter. New to the marketplace, this unique device
will stop people in their tracks begging the question “Where did they get that?”. Get your brand directly into your customers’ hands and boost brand awareness.

The finish line for your competition is the cash register. For The HELPING HANDLE™ it is just the beginning.